003. history revision teaches you funny things.
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'Raymond l'Aire, of Tignac, was a peasant larger than life, always busy in the fields and meadowes. He believed that the soul consisted merely of blood and therefore disappeared after death, and of course he denied the Ressurrection. Heaven was when you were happy in this world, Hell was when you were miserable, and that was all. He was an uncompromising anti-cleric and maintained that the Bishop of Pamiers, like everyone else, had been brought into being by 'fucking and shitting'. He went further: in the village square, in the prescence of three of his fellow-citizens, he asserted that God too, in other words of Christ, was created 'through fucking and shitting, rocking back and forth and fucking, in other words through the coitus of a man and a woman, just like all the rest of us.'
'If you don't stop it, I'll break your head open with my pick-axe,' said Raymon Segui, horrified.'

Less hilarious, still interesting: 'Raymond de l'Aire was consistent and did not believe in the virginity of Mary, who according to him was made pregnant by Joseph.'


002. SRSLY?
a.brody is worried.
Okay, so, update on the fun freezer fact is that my flatmate Charlotte doesn't have a draw, EITHER, and my other flatmate James uses the other freezer, which means that the FOUR DRAWERS in the freezer I sometimes squeeze things into are primarily being used by a minimum of one, maximum of two of my other flatmates. What the fuck?! I bet it's Mary, who I am pretty sure is also behind the really horrific state of our washing up bowls that time and continues to leave food down the sink. And possibly also leaves glass bottles all over the place, but I am less certain for that one.

James has said he'll write a note for Lyn for me re: the freezer situation (she's from China and doesn't speak much English, and James is also from China but is fluent in English) and I'm going to keep up a look out for Mary. Charlotte has also said that she'll mention it to Mary if she sees her, but since Charlotte can't use the freezer at all due to lack of space I assume she'll point Mary in my direction. Which is like, okay, but ugh taking charge stuff is lame.

I miss the times when the most mysterious, puzzling part of the kitchen was that we didn't know whose teatowel one of them was and why it kept disappearing and then reappearing. I want a harmonious kitchen. =(

Have a great rest of the day! =)

001. hello there!
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So I feel inspired to actually start using my livejournal, mostly probably for the reason I do most things: procrastination. My 3rd and final English Literature essay of first year is due in on Thursday at 12pm and I'm still in the notes stage. lol, oops? 2, 500 words on sexuality and sexual oppression in fairy stories. At least it seems interesting, right?

Today we had a lecture on majors for Part 2, and I am once again finding myself in a conundrum about what to do next year (which needs to be decided uhh, in a few weeks, I think?). My current major is English Literature/History, with my third just-for-this-year subject being Creative Writing. But for a variety of reasons I'm thinking of switching my major around. The trouble is, I don't know if to go English Lit/CW combined major, English Lit with a minor in CW, stick with English Lit/History or go really crazy and do History/CW. Am pretty sure the last one is me being a romantic, since there's so much work involved in History and I don't know if I could ever leave English. 

Our freezer needs defrosting (LIKE I THOUGHT) so now I need to find out who the hell else uses my freezer so that everyone can get their shit out for defrosting tonight. Fun freezer fact: There are 7 flatmates and 8 freezer drawers over all. 1 flatmate I know for sure doesn't use the freezer, so that's 6 flatmates per 8 freezer drawers. I (and another flatmate, apparently) stuff my freezer food into what ever space I can find, which means that, at the absolute most, 4 people are, for the most part, using 8 freezer drawers. WTF? 

GOOD NEWS: Easter break as of 4PM this Friday. BAD NEWS: I direct messaged on facebook the one other person from Congleton at Lancaster about getting a lift home for Easter, as he gave me one here at the end of last break and he said it was cool if I got in touch later for another lift to/from home. Which would be great except I forgot that facebook doesn't actually give you notifs for direct messages (What happened to you, Facebook? You used to be such a great stalker), so he might not see/check it. If he doesn't get back to me by Tuesday, I'm going to text him.


Have a great day! =)


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